Main WorkAbout Formwork Construction

Formwork work involves erecting formwork around assembled reinforcing bars in order to build reinforced concrete structures.

This work involves building the form before the concrete is hardened. Buildings such as condominiums, buildings, schools, hospitals, highways, and dams are often built with reinforced concrete structures, and they play the role of “behind-the-scenes” workers who build buildings to generate the flow of people in the community.

About us

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    Construction Industry Promotion / Diversity Management

    We aim for diversity management that is not bound by preconceived notions, but actively utilizes new possibilities to promote the utilization of women and the promotion of the construction industry, and to play an active role and contribute to society regardless of gender or age.

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    Safety management and teamwork building

    For safety management and guidance, we hold regular safety conventions and special themed training sessions. In addition, we have an annual plan to hold events that include family participation in order to improve teamwork and build rich relationships among employees.

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    Quality control and technical improvement guidance

    We conduct regular training and workshops, improve quality and technology, and train young workers and technical trainees with the ingenuity and ingenuity of veteran foremen and employees.” We place importance on “understanding by seeing, hearing, and doing. There is a difference between “understanding” and “being able to do”. We are committed to training craftsmen who “understand the reason and can do the work.

Message from the President

Challenge rather than stability

Thanks to the efforts of general construction companies and other contractors, we have celebrated 31 years in business.

We believe that communication is the key to everything, and that safety and security can only be achieved through communication, which is very important not only in terms of trust, but also in terms of mental health.

In practical terms, we always try to assign interpreters, ensure Japanese language training time, hold regular get-togethers and events between workplaces, and provide opportunities for interaction with family members in the home country and for life planning after returning home.

Through cross-cultural and personal understanding, Japanese employees are positively influenced, leading to mutual growth and a virtuous cycle. The energy and smiles created from this is very important to support our company.


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    Construction Division

    Formwork carpenter

    Simply put, this job is like making a pudding container (frame).
    To make the container (frame), the work consists of (1) processing the wood, (2) assembling (building), and (3) pouring concrete (pouring the pudding batter).
    All workers at the site are our employees and foreign trainees, so you can work with peace of mind knowing that you will receive thorough instruction and follow-up on your work!

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    Administration Department

    Material Management Operator

    This job mainly involves working on the processing of formwork and wood cleaning (cleaning plywood), as well as cleaning up the material center and preparing materials for transporting materials.
    After entering the company, we also support the acquisition of qualifications for forklifts and slinging through our qualification system. Since the loading and unloading of cargo is done with a forklift, there is no physically demanding heavy lifting involved.

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    Administration Department

    Construction Clerk

    This job involves operating a dedicated construction system, entering cost software, making payments to subcontractors, performing calculations, and other important clerical tasks.
    They support craftspeople by coordinating with the field and the sales office using information technology to ensure the appropriate assignment and scheduling of craftspeople for each project.


Open Positions
Formwork carpenter
Material Management Operator
Construction clerk
Employment status
Regular employee
Monthly salary: 240,000-350,000 yen (*including fixed overtime)
Salary increases are available for acquisition of qualifications, etc.
Working hours and vacations
Working hours: 8:00~18:00 (8 hours per day)
(breaks and other breaks vary depending on the type of work and location. Variable working hours)
Vacations and vacation time: Depends on working calendar / GW, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, paid holidays.
Eligibility for Application
. People who have a dream!
. People who have a target!
. People who make efforts to achieve their dreams!
No experience is accepted! Nationality, age, gender, or educational background is non-required.
Qualified and experienced workers are preferred.
We have a qualification acquisition system to help you acquire the necessary qualifications and skills after you join our company.
Duty station
Those in the construction department go directly to the job site, so the destination changes each time.
The administrative division is located at 1389-1 Kuzuhara, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0822, Japan.
Welfare programme
Salary: Based on experience and other Company regulations (with a training probationary period)
・Bonus (August and December) *According to employment regulations
・Salary increase (as needed)
・Transportation expenses paid
・Uniforms provided
・Qualification system
・Company housing available
・Rent subsidies available
・Social insurance provided
( health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance )
・Paid leave available (to be taken after 6 months of employment)
・Health checkups/once a year (conducted on our company’s premises)
・Company trips Various social gatherings 
・Equipped break room for employees (break room is fully equipped)
・Holding events (BBQ after the annual safety convention)